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Are you sure you're waiting long enough for JAWS? On my laptop with the
network login I know for a fact that the prompt for Ctrl+Alt+Delete shows up
on the screen almost a minute before JAWS finally loads and start speaking.
This is known because I've had my IT people watching while the system boots.

Without vision, I would never have known that I could actually log in before
JAWS even speaks. However I usually just wait.

Dave Carlson
From my Dell Latitude 630, currently not nearly close enough for my comfort
to my Audio Recording and Mixing Studios, San Francisco Bay Area. But I'll
try to remedy that situation.

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Subject: [Bulk] JAWS and Microsoft Active Directory Login

Hello everyone,

We have a professor using JAWS version 12 that is getting a new laptop with
Windows 7 and is set up with Microsoft Active Directory Login. The problem
is that once the laptop is booted up JAWS will not read "Control + Alt +
Delete" and "Username" and "Password" for her to login. JAWS starts speaking
once she is logged in. JAWS is set to "Automatically start JAWS" and is set
to "Run JAWS from the System Tray". Has anyone run into this problem and can
offer a solution?

Connie Hackett
Assistive Technology Technician
Springfield Technical Community College
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