Re: How to mute JAWS in a specific application

Adrian Spratt

Here's the flipside of my question. It turns out I need JAWS for certain
aspects of the program, and now I want to wake up JAWS. I went back to the
setting center while in that application and, guess what, JAWS won't speak
to help me do it. Do I just try to replicate the steps without
verbalization, or is there a less chancy method?

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Hi, yes its no longer in quick settings, you can either each time you launch
the app, press insert plus space, then s, and do the same thing when you
exit, but the better way is to go to settings centre, then go to misilanious
options, and then to sleep moad, press space til it says, enable and unload
the synthesizer. Then press enter, of corse make sure that the application
file for that eclips is selected in settings centre.

On 10/01/2013, Adrian Spratt <Adrian@...> wrote:
Hi. I've just installed IRTI's Eclipse Pro Writer and Hovercam
primarily for scanning and performing OCR on documents. Eclipse comes
with its own synthesizers, so I need to have JAWS be silent whenever I
switch to that application.

The old methods for silencing JAWS in a specific application appear no
longer to work. One of the more recent was to use what is now the
Quick Settings Dialog, but the mute/silence option doesn't appear, at
least when I have Eclipse open. The one method I haven't yet tried
involves opening default scripts and creating an on/off speech toggle
keystroke. Even if that one still works, I'm hoping there's something
a little more obvious.

I am using JAWS 13 with XP. Any suggestions?
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