windows live mail;

David <davidwhitehead1957@...>

Here are some keystrokes for windows live mail 2011, This should help folks who are using the ribbon.

These might be useful
Using keyboard shortcuts for the ribbon:

• To access a specific ribbon tab press the shortcut key for the ribbon
tab required (shown at the top of each section).
• To access a function within that ribbon press the accelerator shortcut
letter or letters to access the desired function on that ribbon tab.

For example to reply to a message using the ribbon do the following:

1 Press ALT+H for the “Home” tab.
2 Press letter R, then R again to access the “reply” button.

Main window:
The main window consists of the following ribbon tabs:

• File = ALT+F
• Home = ALT+H
• Folders = ALT+O
• View = ALT+V
• Accounts = ALT+S

File (ALT+F)
New N
Save S
Import mail I
Export mail E
Options O
About B
Exit X

Home (ALT+H)
Email message E
Photo mail P
Items O
Junk J
Delete D
Reply RR
Replay all RA
Forward RF
Add to calendar IA
Read/Unread toggle IR
Move IM
Flag IF
Watch IW
Copy to IC
Find FI
Send/Receive TS
Work offline TO
Sign in N

Folders (ALT+O)
New folder NF
Mark all read AU
Copy to IC
Move IM
Find FI
Go to G
Previous message FP
Next message FN
Next unread U
Message rules R

View (ALT+V)
New View VN
View VW
Quick views VQ
Filer messages VF
Conversations SC
Sort order SO
Sort By SB
Message list LM
Reading pane LR
Calendar pane LP
Compact view LC
Quick views LQ
Compact shortcuts LS
Storage folders LF
Status bar LB

Accounts (ALT+S)
Email E
Newsgroup N
Properties P
IMAP folders F
Show deleted message S
View downloaded messages V

Message Window:
The message window consists of the following tabs accessed by shortcut keys:

• File = ALT+F
• Message = ALT+I
• Message = ALT+M
• Options = ALT+O

File Tab (ALT+F)
Save S
Save File F
Close C

Message TAB (ALT+I)
Attach file IA
Business car IB
Horizontal line L
Photo album Y1
Single photo Y2
Hyperlink K
Emoticon Y3

Message TAB (ALT+M)
Bold B
Italic I1
Underline U
Strike out H
Subscript N
Superscript M1
Highlight FH
Font FC
Align Left AL
Centre AC
Align Right AR
Justify AJ
Plain Text TP
Attach File IA
Photo Album Y1
Hyperlink K
Emoticons Y2
Other IO

Options tab (ALT+O)
Send later S:
Encrypt message Y1
Digitally sign Y2
Message encoding TE

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