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Rose Combs <rosecombs@...>

With the sidebar enabled I can go below iTunes store and see my purchased
history. Control S should enable that bar and a second time to disable it
if you need or want to do so.

Rose Combs

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Have you activated the sidebar. I think its control S. It should say
something like view sidebar. It should then show up. I am no pro but
recently had to do it myself but I hope that helps.

On 12/31/12, Gilbert Neiva <gneiva@...> wrote:
I'm trying to access my hidden purchases on Itunes, but Jaws will not
display the links for Music, Movies, Tv Shows, ETc. I tried using the Jaws
cursor to try and click on the links, but all my Jaws Cursor says is
all the time. Ever since the newest update of Itunes came out, I've never
been able to use the Jaws cursor to click on anything. It's as if the Jaws
cursor is stuck. It just says "blank" whenever I use any of the arrow
I've tried maximizing the window, but still nothing. Can someone tell me
what's wrong and how to fix this. Why are the navigation links for Music,
Movie, TV Shows ETC not showing everytime I go into my purchase history
hidden purchases?

Gilbert Neiva
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