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Dave Durber

Hello Karen:

CTRL+F, is the standard Windows keystroke command to enter the find feature in almost any Windows software.

the "Find" feature in a program, is designed to search only the entire area of the type of file the program creates and uses. The search function of a program, cannot perform searches outside the defined area of the file.

After you turn on Keyboard help, by pressing JAWS/INSERT+1, on the main keyboard, then you press, JAWS/INSERT+CTRL+F (Desktop Keyboard layout), JAWS/CAPS LOCK+CTRL+F (Laptop Keyboard layout), JAWS says: "Activates the JAWS Find dialog."

When you repeat the JAWS Find command (twice quickly) within JAWS Keyboard Help, JAWS says: "It can only search the screen area to find any instance of the text or graphics that you enter. To search for graphics, enter the text label of the graphic. Use the application's find or search for more extensive searches."

Turn off JAWS Keyboard Help, by pressing JAWS/INSERT+1, on the main keyboard.

The reason why the JAWS Find function is restricted to the screen area, is because it uses the JAWS Cursor to perform any search. For example, it can search for items on the screen, such as menu bars, buttons on tool bars etc., which are located outside any area where the application cursor is programmed to go.

The strange thing is that when you press CTRL+F, to get information about the Find function for applications, in the JAWS Keyboard Help function, JAWS says nothing at all.

The same goes for when you press CTRL+H, which is the Windows command to enter the Search and Replace function in Microsoft programs.



Dave Durber

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hi cy, jaws find is control, and the letter f for find. karen

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How do you use the JAWS "find" function? I have not used it for some time,
can't find it in the JAWS menues.


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