Re: Braille Window 80 and JFW

Dave Durber

Hello Frank:

I am using a BrailleWindow 40 character braille display with JAWS 14 and I have been using it with all the versions of JAWS since 5.0 with no problems.

The Biostar motherboard I have in my computer, did not come with physical serial or parallel connectors. I had to get an expantion plate, with a serial and parallel port with connectors that connected to headers on the motherboard.

I have not tried connecting the Braille Window display, using a USB to serial connector or, USB to parallel connector. Maybe, someone else has done that and can suggest which brand to use.



Dave Durber

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Hi all, does anyone know if it is possible to use an old Braille Window 80 braille display with modern version of JFW. I have Googled this and all the info I can find is way out of date.

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