is something else launching with live mail

ken lawrence

Hi several times now the first time I sent a message on live mail for unknown reasons forms mode is popping on and I’m not able to complete a message. I am typing along and suddenly I hear the word edit spoken and my message starts to read back and backspace says blank blank. I arrowed to my last word but instead of saying space after the last letter it stopped there. when I spaced to continue auto forms mode popped on. this is in the middle of a message. if I alt f4 my message asks me if I want to safe changes and if I say no it’s like I never did it. I have to do the message all lvoer again. this only happens on the first message when windows live mail is launched it would for example have happened by now. so is something else launching in the background when I first launch live mail? don’t notice it on NVDA so jaws is apparently picking something up thinking forms mode is needed. also windows live is giving me an update is available but I don’t see a clickable even with the jaws currsor. How do I get this update for live essentials. can I get it through windows update or any way to check essentials manually?
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