Re: jaws friendly chat place instead of msn

Stephanie Switzer

I've heard skype is going to replace MSN messenger anyway. I don't
know if it's true, but it'd make since because Microsoft now owns
skype. :)

On 12/25/12, Doris and Chris <> wrote:
I have used skype for text chat for years. if you
prefer, you can use Miranda IM with a skype plugin to do this.

There is also irc if you just want to text
chat.or aol, or icq, or any other of the many messengers out there.



As I understand it windows live messenger
will be closing in a couple of months.
Do you have a suggestion on another place to
chat with my friends and other people?
I've tried facebook, and then using skype with
my msn contacts, but this doesn't work so well.
SO, if there is another good place to chat that
I can bring my friends to that would be good.

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