Re: good registry cleaner


Hi Robert,

Another option is to look for the builds page and download the standalone
version of C Cleaner. It comes as a zip file, so you have to manually
install it. But if you go in this direction you never have to deal with this
Google tool bar or their equally feared web browser called Chrome.

Here's a link to the latest version of C Cleaner version 325. Just press
enter on the link below and it will download to your computer.

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Subject: Re: good registry cleaner

Hi Robert,

I forgot to mention that another option is to go ahead & install the Google
toolbar but, do not run CCleaner after the installation. Instead, go
straight to add / remove programs & remove the Google toolbar. Then when
you run CCleaner & its registry cleaner , CCleaner will clean up any
remnants that are left behind.
Hope this helps.
Take care.
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From: Robert Logue
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Sent: Friday, December 21, 2012 6:03 PM
Subject: Re: good registry cleaner

I think my computer doesn't like me. I tried a bunch of system
optimizers and registry cleaners. None of them have been satisfactory
with Jaws.

I tried to install C Cleaner. I downloaded it. Ran the installer. Got
to the last page but couldn't figure out how to unselect the Google
toolbar. So I canceled the operation.

Since then I did a restore to earlier date and you know what. The C
Cleaner installer is missing. I thought system restore wasn't supposed
to remove files.

I've used Ccleaner before so at least I know how to work it. I just
don't like the method of selecting registry results and the lack of
information about items it finds in the registry to clean.

I swear that software is getting crappier all the time.

I really need to get a second computer and use one for testing only.


On 12/20/2012 7:23 PM, Robert Logue wrote:
I just tried Wise Cleaner and found it just didn't give me enough
information and feedback with Jaws.

Thanks for the tips getting it going. Somehow, I got stuck where Jaws
wouldn't read anything, even with the Jaws cursor routed and all. I'll
just use CCleaner for now.


On 12/20/2012 11:58 AM, Ariel wrote:
Hi Mike, Adrian and all,

I looked a Wise cleaner more carefully, and I have found it somewhat
accessible using Mike and Adrian's advice. I was originally using the
Wise Care 365, which includes more tools than Wise Cleaner; however, it
is not accessible at all. You can go ahead and download Wise Cleaner
from CNET at:

Go ahead and run the program. Next you have to allow it to run the
program. Go ahead and allow it. At this point you will land on the "Set
Up Window." Find the "next button" or press "alt+N" to go to the next
window. Now you should be at the "agreement window." Read and agree to
the terms and press "Next." You can press next on the next window as
well unless you want to subscribe to the Wise Cleaner newsletter. Also
press the next button to go to the next window unless you want to change
where Wise Cleaner is installed by default. On the next window, you can
choose to create or not create a start menu entry. Whatever yourchoice,
press next. On the next window you can also choose to create a destop
shortcut. Again, make your choice and press next. Now you should be at
the instalation window. Find the instal button or press Alt+I. Next you
should get a window that says, "Wise Disk Cleaner is a user friendly,
fast and easy to use application developed to free up disk space by
deleting junk files that are no longer used by any software on your
system. Both Wise Registry Cleaner and Wise Disk Cleaner are designed to
be used in tandem, allowing users to streamline their Windows Registry
and optimize their hard drive. We recommend to run Wise Disk Cleaner
before Wise Registry Cleaner." Go ahead and press next. On the next
window, you have the finish button, go ahead and press finish. It will
next take you to the Wise Cleaner website. Now you have to download and
installed Disk Cleaner as recommended in the message above. I'm not
writing the steps to installing it since it's similar to the steps
above. Alturnitively, you can download it from CNET at:

Now go ahead and open Wise Disk Cleaner. At this point, You should be at
the choose your language dialog box. Here you have to Rout JAWS to PC by
pressing JAWS key plus Dash on your numpad. Once you have done this,
press control+End key to get to the bottom . Now you want to make sure
you're on the ok button. Here you want to press "Slash from your numpad.
This will take you to the next window, which I believe is the newsletter
sign up window. I honestly didn't mess around with it since I don't want
to sign up. I doubt that you'll have success if you want to sign up. If
you're on this window, I would just press "Alt+f4. Thereby, you'll land
on the "Wise Disk Cleaner" interface.

Now it's time to run Wise Disk Cleaner, so rout JAWS to PC. Using your
down arrow key, find the "Start Scan" button, and press the "Slash" key
to activate it. Once the scan is done, it will give you the results. You
should find the Start Cleaning button, and press "Slash" to clean it.
Next it will say, "Cleanup was completed. Close it up.

Now it's time to run Wise Registry Cleaner. Go ahead and open it up. The
first thing you will see after the allow notification is going to be the
"Choose your Language dialog Box." Follow the same stepps above used
with Wise Disk Cleaner. It's the same deal with this program. You also
get the newsletter window after pressing the ok button in the choose
your language dialog box. Presss Control+F4 and launge Wise Registry
cleaner again. Rout JAWS to PC, and find the "Start Scan" button. Press
"Slash, and wait until it's done. Once it's finished, it will give you
the results. If it finds issues, press the "Start Cleaning" button. I
hope you guys find this helpful. It might not be good at all, but I have
done my best. If I had a good recording device, I would've done an audio
file, but I don't. Either way, I hope this works. Thanks,


On 12/19/2012 11:29 PM, Mike B. wrote:
Hi Ariel,

I am already using CCleaner in conjunction with Auslogics & they work
for me. I had never heard of Wise Clener & liked what you had to say
about it & would have been interested in trying it out if it were more
accessible. Have you tried contacting the creators of Wise Cleaner &
telling them about the lack of accessibility their program presents
for the
visually impaired? I have been bitching to the Puriform / CCleaner
for about 3 years now but, I don't think they've been listening! LOL,
hahaha hahaha hahaha, LOL
Take care.
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From: Ariel
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Sent: Wednesday, December 19, 2012 6:31 PM
Subject: Re: good registry cleaner

Hi Mike,
I have done what you suggested, and unfortunately neither one worked. I
wish it did cause it's a very good registry cleaner. However, Using Free
Registry Cleaner is pretty good. Here's the link to it:
On 12/19/2012 8:40 PM, Mike B. wrote:
Hi Ariel,

When you are on a button or a checkbox try doing a single left mouse
using the numpad slash key & see if that works. You can also try
the menues with the alt key while in the program to see if that
brings up
any options. This program sounds interesting & I'm curious to see just
accessible it is. Please keep the list informed on your navigation
progress. Thank you very much.
Take care.
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From: Ariel
To: The Jaws for Windows support list.
Sent: Wednesday, December 19, 2012 4:37 PM
Subject: Re: good registry cleaner

Hi Mike,
As of now, I'm using the Wise Care 365, which includes the registry
cleaner and drive wiper. I didn't try accessing the menus by routing
JAWS cursor to the PC cursor, but now that you brought it up, it does
seem to be reading it. I'm not sure if you can actually activate the
check for issues button or whatever it's called, but it might be worth
trying. If you have some tips of how to go about it, shoot them my way,
I'll be more than glad to try it out. You can write me off list at
On 12/19/2012 4:52 PM, Mike B. wrote:
Hi Ariel,

Is Wise Cleaner totally inaccessible with Jaws or can the menues be
navigated using the Jaws cursor or routing the Jaws cursor to the PC
pressing the page-up key & arrowing down 1 line at a time. Just
thank you very much.
Take care.
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From: Ariel
To: The Jaws for Windows support list.
Sent: Tuesday, December 18, 2012 8:23 PM
Subject: Re: good registry cleaner

Hi Tom,
Much respect to you. You could very well be correct and I could be
wrong. I have always looked at the Registry as the part that keeps
computer running, and tells your computer what to do when certain
occur. I appreciate your reply.Mechanic is definitely great. I used to
have it, but I no longer do. Thanks,
On 12/18/2012 11:07 PM, Tom Lange wrote:
Actually, the registry isn't a program that runs and executes
instructions. Think of it more as something like a convoluted
that stores an inventory of your existing hardware and software and
related settings. In the early days of Windows there was a registry,
but a lot of this information was stored in initialization files
were essentially straight text files with a .ini extension. These
files would be scattered all over the place, and if, through a
error or just plain user error these files got destroyed or
all sorts of weird things could happen. So as time went by, the
registry grew both in size and complexity. It's nothing to trifle
with, and it's always a good idea to back it up first before using
kind of cleaner program or, heaven forbid, using the registry editor
to do any tweaking.

Another good registry cleaner that I've heard highly recommended is
Registry Mechanic. It's not freeware and I don't have a link to it,
but I'm sure a Google search will turn up something about it.


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Subject: Re: good registry cleaner

Hi everyone,
I'm just going to throw this out there. It's often not the fault
of a
program. Sometimes it's better to live certain parts of the computer
if you do not know much about it specially your registry. Your
registry is what keeps your computer running. The registry is what
executes orders for your computer when certain events occur. There
are various things which could eventually slow down your PC's
performance. As some of you know, if you use your computer a lot, a
lot of unnecessary and unwanted information gets written to your
registry. Furthermore, updating, uninstalling, or installing
on your computer will affect your computers performance over time.
Registry cleaners can of course help sort some of these issues, but
you should always be aware of what you are doing. If you don't have
experiences with the registry, leave it alone, or ask some one who
has experience. The registry is dangerous if you don't know what you
are doing. One mistake can cause your PC to stop working. I have
various cases in which they didn't know what they were doing, so I
had to reinstall Windows all over again. The point that I'm
trying to
make is that if you don't know much about the registry, please leave
it alone. Always keep in mind that registry cleaners are less than
perfect. There's always a chance that registry cleaners may remove
needed data during the cleaning process. Leaving it alone will
prevent you from unwanted headaches. However, if you really want to
do it, than by all means do, but always do a registry backup, or
Google it if you don't know what it is. Note that I'm not
throwing it
to bother anyone. For those interested in a good registry cleaner,
check out the link below. It's an awesome one, but be sure to ask
someone if you lack the knowledge, backup registry, or Google it
before any actions. Thanks,
On 12/17/2012 7:05 PM, Robert Logue wrote:
Agree that CCleaner is potentially dangerous. However, You can
exclude files programs and folders as well as some items in the
registry. I wish FS would publish info about anything that should
not be touched by a registry cleaner.

one thing I don't like about CCleaner is that it does not give
enough information about the registry items it finds. I didn't
that part of the program to helpful. It's good at cleaning
files but I leave the registry alone now.

Also, Despite all advice from blind users, I am unable to select
items in the registry to remove with the space bar and have to use
the mouse cursor instead.

Someone mentioned another program called Abexo. Interesting that does not have it. I wanted to see how popular it is
and what sort of reviews people have about Abexo. I found lots
through a web search but don't know the sources enough to trust

I just tried a couple programs that supposed to clean and optimize
but they were not accessible without scripting.
One was System Checkup 3.3 iolo technologies, LLC 12/5/2012
The other was SlimCleaner Free


On 12/16/2012 12:35 PM, Aidan Maher wrote:
I also would like to no, since most of them seem to mess things up
rather than cleaning the necessary files. And also a drive
wiper? But
just not CCleaner. That really is not good for jaws users, maybe
accessible, but it remove things you need and sometimes can affect
jaws also.

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