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Peter Tighe


I suspect none of your key strokes are working if you are using the internet explorer from the Windows 8 metro start screen!

I would think that you would want to install the desktop version of Internet explorer 10. Than all the key strokes work and you have everything as before including favorites. This is how you get the desktop version working.

Press windows-e to open windows explorer.
arrow to the C drive and press enter
Then arrow to program files and press enter
then arrow to the internet explorer folder and press enter
now arrow to iexplore.exe
do not press enter here.
instead press your context key or shift f-10.
now arrow down to send to and press enter.
finally arrow down to desktop creat short cut and press enter.

Now short cut to iexplore.exe will be on your desktop
you may want to rename this to internet explorer.
Now when you press enter on this shortcut you will get the full desktop version of internet explorer with all the menus and keystrokes as before.
you may wish to keep the metro version on your start screen for those sighted friends who might like it!



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You use to be able to use the control plus N to open a new window in
internet explorer or launch a new IE session from the start screen. Does
anyone know what the new Jaws keystroke to do this is?

I am using Jaws 14, win 8 & IE. Thanks.



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