Re: buttons on touch pad using dell lattitude

Aidan Maher <aidan.smarttalk@...>

Also, whoever instaled or upgrade the thing, I wunder if they did it
properly, as windows does normaly automaticly find the necessary
keyboard and mouse drivers. Weerd.

On 20/12/2012, Aidan Maher <> wrote:
You should contact dell support and ask them. They build the thing,
they must provide it, or if you got any documentation with it, check
there, but these days they don't really give alot of documents with,
not even a windows disk.

On 20/12/2012, Kimsan <> wrote:
I mistyped the keystroke.
FN F5 used to work but again, after upgrading to win 8 back in October,
keystroke was no longer working.
Need to figure out a quick way to enable and disable this stuff because
students use this dell machine at times.
Back to google!

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On my Latitude I use the Fn key Plus F5 to route through the
disabling/enabling choices for the touchpad and touchstick. I do not know
the buttons can be individually enabled without the touchpad.

In my case, I turn off all the touch-enabled devices, as they drive me

Dave Carlson
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Can someone who uses a dell latitude try and provide insturctions on how
disable the buttons that are underneath the touchpad.

I type mouse in the control panel then forget where to go from there lol.

I also went into device manager and looked under mouse and other pointing
devices to see if I can disable it that way but there is only an

The keystroke use to be alt F5 but ever since upgrading to windows eight
that is no longer working.


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