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For those that haven't kept up, the latest version of iTunes 10.4 is now compatible with jaws. This script is not backward compatible with iTunes 10.3 so you'll have to upgrade. Below is some of the release notes and a download link.
Ok, here it is.
It should work well with iTunes 10.4 now on windows 7 machines as well as XP systems.
Here is a list of items that have been updated:
1. Windows 7 users can now benefit from using fast forward, rewind, checkboxes, and currently playing title. On the currently playing title, it turns down the volume so you can hear it announce and turns it back up for you when done announcing. Fast forward and rewind can be held down to find your spot but keep in mind it goes fast. This is handy for books and what not.
2. The iTunes store is better, not perfect since it has some trouble switching pages. I recommend using the enter key instead of spacebar on links.
3. You now have access to something never before. This includes some smart code to assign an equalizer preset to individual tracks or groups of tracks by artist or album. It also will apply presets to your entire library based on genre in the tracks. All you need to do is go to the bottom of the list when you press
Control + Shift + Q.
This list gives you 23 different presets to choose from for that track. The next two are for artist and album. Choosing these two will assign your preferred equalizer preset to that artist or album. I recommend using the Genre preset first through your whole library, then you can set them by artist and album. Nice for enhancing music for those die hard music lovers. It might even inspire you to get some new speakers.
All you need to do is be in the track list and on that specific track for it to work.

4. The lists will automatically be switched to list view now.
5. When exiting iTunes press Alt + F4. This ensures a clean exit from the program and will not hang like it did before.
6. Checkboxes are 100% reliable and can also be used to select tracks before import to help you keep those unwanted songs out.
7. The status bar will read correctly now.

I think that's it, so give me a list of bugsas you go. I will be going to the Blind Rehab Center in Palo Alto, California for a couple weeks so I'll be brewing up some new awesome code to introduce to blind tunes to help manage your library such as scripts to take out those dead tracks in your library among others. I will have my laptop and be introducing this program to the blind there and getting more veterans involved as I myself was in the Marines.
Here's the link to download:
Take care,
John Martyn
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