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I think there may be an additional way but it will require a application in order to auto do what needs to be done
will let folks know if I get anywhere with this

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Thanks a bunch, Dave. I just sent it home, but will not bother with it now, for all the reasons yu stated. Too bad, though, as it remains a good idea. In the old days I always included a copy of my screenreader on a rescue or boot disk, so I could get out of whatever jam I was in. Ah, nostalgia! All it took then was undoing whatever change I had just made.

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I'm not going to use this registry file on any computer I own for the
following reasons:

1. It was not stated but is written in the readme file that this is only for
Windows 7.
2. The readme file is so pporly written that I just don't trust the author
if they can't take the time to write coherently (that's prejudice I know,
but that's the way I judge people -- the way they write).
3. Visiting this person's MySpace page causes me great concern over their
outlook on life, in particular a song on the play list with the title:
"Donald Duck - **** you in the ***"

I've deleted this zip file from my computer and would not take a chance
screwing up my registry with it.

You decide on your own if you think it's worth the risk.

Dave Carlson
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to my Audio Recording and Mixing Studios, San Francisco Bay Area. But I'll
try to remedy that situation.

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I want it as well, is it impossible for somebody to type the link to it
in a message or send the file to me?

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