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Mike B. <mb69mach1@...>

Hi Ariel,

Is Wise Cleaner totally inaccessible with Jaws or can the menues be
navigated using the Jaws cursor or routing the Jaws cursor to the PC cursor,
pressing the page-up key & arrowing down 1 line at a time. Just curious,
thank you very much.
Take care.
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Hi Tom,
Much respect to you. You could very well be correct and I could be
wrong. I have always looked at the Registry as the part that keeps your
computer running, and tells your computer what to do when certain events
occur. I appreciate your reply.Mechanic is definitely great. I used to
have it, but I no longer do. Thanks,
On 12/18/2012 11:07 PM, Tom Lange wrote:
Actually, the registry isn't a program that runs and executes
instructions. Think of it more as something like a convoluted database
that stores an inventory of your existing hardware and software and
related settings. In the early days of Windows there was a registry,
but a lot of this information was stored in initialization files which
were essentially straight text files with a .ini extension. These
files would be scattered all over the place, and if, through a program
error or just plain user error these files got destroyed or relocated,
all sorts of weird things could happen. So as time went by, the
registry grew both in size and complexity. It's nothing to trifle
with, and it's always a good idea to back it up first before using any
kind of cleaner program or, heaven forbid, using the registry editor
to do any tweaking.

Another good registry cleaner that I've heard highly recommended is
Registry Mechanic. It's not freeware and I don't have a link to it,
but I'm sure a Google search will turn up something about it.


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Hi everyone,
I'm just going to throw this out there. It's often not the fault of a
program. Sometimes it's better to live certain parts of the computer
if you do not know much about it specially your registry. Your
registry is what keeps your computer running. The registry is what
executes orders for your computer when certain events occur. There
are various things which could eventually slow down your PC's
performance. As some of you know, if you use your computer a lot, a
lot of unnecessary and unwanted information gets written to your
registry. Furthermore, updating, uninstalling, or installing software
on your computer will affect your computers performance over time.
Registry cleaners can of course help sort some of these issues, but
you should always be aware of what you are doing. If you don't have
experiences with the registry, leave it alone, or ask some one who
has experience. The registry is dangerous if you don't know what you
are doing. One mistake can cause your PC to stop working. I have seen
various cases in which they didn't know what they were doing, so I
had to reinstall Windows all over again. The point that I'm trying to
make is that if you don't know much about the registry, please leave
it alone. Always keep in mind that registry cleaners are less than
perfect. There's always a chance that registry cleaners may remove
needed data during the cleaning process. Leaving it alone will
prevent you from unwanted headaches. However, if you really want to
do it, than by all means do, but always do a registry backup, or
Google it if you don't know what it is. Note that I'm not throwing it
to bother anyone. For those interested in a good registry cleaner,
check out the link below. It's an awesome one, but be sure to ask
someone if you lack the knowledge, backup registry, or Google it
before any actions. Thanks,
On 12/17/2012 7:05 PM, Robert Logue wrote:
Agree that CCleaner is potentially dangerous. However, You can
exclude files programs and folders as well as some items in the
registry. I wish FS would publish info about anything that should
not be touched by a registry cleaner.

one thing I don't like about CCleaner is that it does not give
enough information about the registry items it finds. I didn't find
that part of the program to helpful. It's good at cleaning unwanted
files but I leave the registry alone now.

Also, Despite all advice from blind users, I am unable to select
items in the registry to remove with the space bar and have to use
the mouse cursor instead.

Someone mentioned another program called Abexo. Interesting that does not have it. I wanted to see how popular it is
and what sort of reviews people have about Abexo. I found lots
through a web search but don't know the sources enough to trust them.

I just tried a couple programs that supposed to clean and optimize
but they were not accessible without scripting.
One was System Checkup 3.3 iolo technologies, LLC 12/5/2012
The other was SlimCleaner Free


On 12/16/2012 12:35 PM, Aidan Maher wrote:
I also would like to no, since most of them seem to mess things up
rather than cleaning the necessary files. And also a drive wiper? But
just not CCleaner. That really is not good for jaws users, maybe
accessible, but it remove things you need and sometimes can affect
jaws also.

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