Re: help with web with JAWS 14 & windows 8


That fixed it; thank you!

As for my other Jaws issues, it's off to FS; hopefully, I'll get a tech rep
better than the last time.

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Hi Lauren,
To open the control panel:
1. Press the windows key to go to the start screen, if you're not already on
2. Type in control panel, and press Enter.
It sounds like after you typed in control panel, you pressed tab. This would
have taken you to a list of the possible scopes of the search, which
includes apps, files, internet explorer, etc.

I would expect expect internet explorer to be pinned to the taskbar on a new
install of windows 8. If you press windows key + T, this cycles you round
the taskbar buttons, and you should find it.

If you're still having problems finding the internet options dialog, yet
another way of opening it is to press windows key + w to search for
settings, type in internet options, and press enter.


original message:
I don't seem to find a desktop verision of internet explorer and when I
launch the control panel, Jaws only reads applications, files, etc. and when
I get to internet explorer and press right click key, Jaws only says pin,
hide and I can't hear the rest of the choices or Jaws or windows 8 isn't
functioning and since I don't have any sighted help, I don't know which is
the case.

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