Re: help with web with JAWS 14 & windows 8

David Bailes

Hi Lauren,
In windows 8 there are two versions of internet explorer.
1. A windows 8 app style internet explorer.
2. A traditional desktop style internet explorer, which has menus, favorites etc.
By default if you open internet explorer from the start screen, either using its tile or searching, then you get the window 8 style. If you open it from a taskbar button or a desktop shortcut, then you get the desktop style.
You can change this behaviour so that the desktop version opens from the start screen:
1. open the internet options dialog. you can do this either in control panel, or from the tools menu of the desktop version of internet explorer.
2. On the programs page of this dialog there's a open internet explorer tiles on the desktop check box. Check this. Note that the previous combo box controls which version opens when you open links to web pages in other programs, and you might want to set this to always in internet explorer on the desktop.


original message:
I just launched internet explorer and I can't get to a place where I can
type in a web site so I can get there. Also, how do I change my home page?

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