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It definitely seems new and intimidating at first but stick with it,
I'm sure in time it will become more clear to you. I'm still learning
it. I have just changed over to Jaws 14 but when I last looked at it
with 13, it worked fine. I obviously have a lot to learn but you don't
need to go back a version. All learning curves take time so just try
be patient and learn it slowly.

On 12/18/12, David Ingram <> wrote:
Where can I get information on iTunes 11 and what version of jaws does
iTunes 11 work well with?
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Be patient and learn the iTunes 11, It's better and it is friendly with
Get the latest FS cast or any documentation on iTunes 11 and study it.

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where can I find an itunes 10.7 installer
32 bits for windows? my itunes automatically upgraded to version 11 and
do not like the new interface, because jaws cannot navigate it.
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