Jaws 12,13 and 14 Window live messenger 14.0 problem

O.Addison Gethers

Hi All,
I'm having some problem with jaws 12,13 and 14 with window live messenger 8.5,window live messenger 2009 and window live messenger 14.0 !! When I was chatting with a friend ,when I made mistake in spelling when I press backspace key jaws wasn't reading letter when I erase it's say blank ,when I press shift + tab to go to history conversation window when I press up or down arrow jaws say blank it's not reading message when I up or down arrow and press ctrl right or left arrow it's keep saying blank When I press alt + t then letter o for option then I press shift + tab where it's say general 1 of 11 when I press down arrow jaws isn't saying nothing to each item !! Does anybody have these problem with all 3 version of jaws with window live messenger? How can I fix this problem with jaws where it's say blank when trying to eerase and up and down arrow in history conversation window?

O. Addison Gethers

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