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Lisle, Ted (CHFS DMS)

You may be right about NT, I can't remember now; but I know XP is NT with a face lift, and I haven't ever run ASAP under that. Of course, I don't have a working floppy drive installed in my current machine, but there once was a box under advance settings that allowed you to run a DOS screenreader, and that box is long gone. There aren't many files around today that fit on one of those little guys, but sometimes I miss them.


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I think you actually can use the more modern dos screenreaders like asap or vocal eyes under an NT environment, i.e. in a console or you can run your dos screenreader from a boot floppy and access your nt system that way as long as the floppy has a driver to read the ntfs file system on the nt box.


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Good points. As I recall, you haven't been able to use a DOS
screenreader in anything later than Win98. That's why I finally
discontinued using my much-beloved ASAP.


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Hello Carlos:

Yes, you can put JAWS for DOS on a 1.44 floppy Disk.

To my knowledge, you cannot use JFD to access the CMOS for a
motherboard in any way nor, can you use JFD to delete/wipe/erase the
CMOS settings for a motherboard.

If you know where the jumper that resets the CMOS to factory defaults
is located on your motherboard, change the jumper setting and turn on
your computer so that the reset of the CMOS can be performed.

After the CMOS has been reset to factory defaults, turn off the
computer and return the jumper to its original location, otherwise, the
CMOS will be reset to factory defaults, each time you turn on your

Unless you are really certain as to how the jumper on the motherboard
must be set to perform the CMOS reset function, I would strongly
recommend you get someone with vision, who is familiar with
motherboards to help you with this task.

Unless you are familiar with the CMOS of a particular motherboard, if
you are totally blind, you will need sighted assistance to make the
desired changes to the CMOS.



Dave Durber

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Can you put jaws for dos on a floppy disk? I need dos to wipe my
CMOS and the only way that I can do it is off a dos floppy.



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