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Press Windows+Pause to open System settings, then use JAWS cursor to read the screen contents (one of them should say “Windows Edition”). You can keep using JAWS 17, but I heard reports that it might be necessary to repair your JAWS installation.

The express settings turns on several features, including sending certain data to Microsoft to improve your Windows 10 experience. I and other Windows 10 users recommend not using express settings when installing Windows 10 (we did have a discussion about this on the Windows 10 list, which can be found at




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How do I know when windows 10 is done installing? Jaws  came back on. The sounds I have to open and close programs keeps going on and on so I am uncertain. Is there way I can check their windows 10 is the operating system on my PC? Was I correct to choose express settings? Now do I need to uninstall Jaws  17 and reinstall it?


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Hi, I installed windows 10, how do I know if I am done? Just came back on. Is there a way I can check that windows 10 is the operating system that is running on my PC?Thank you. I am uncertain as my signals for opening and closing programs is  going on and on. Was I right you choose express settings and Cortina? 



Hi Lauren,

You can upgrade without sighted help. You should install JAWS 17 first. Then, download the Tool from FS that will allow you to get rid of all previous JAWS versions from your computer along with shared components. The only version you should have on your computer is Version 17. If you want, You could also have version 16.0.1214. That will also work on Windows 10. Also, you will want to download the media creation tool from the MS page and save it to your computer. Make sure that you don’t run the media creation tool until you run that FS tool to get rid all versions of JAWS off your computer except 16.0.1214 and JAWS 17. Now, you can run the media creation tool to install win 10. Just press enter on the tool and press enter on upgrade this pc. JAWS will still be working. Once you get through some screens, JAWS will go quiet and this is when you wait an hour or more to let win10 download to your computer. It is around 3 gigs. After an hour, just turn on Narrator by pressing windows key + enter. You will be able to finish the install with Narrator. Now, since you have Windows 8, it should install fine after the first time. It is upgrading from Windows 7 that causes the trouble and it takes a few times. I upgraded from Windows 8.1, and it took me one time of running the media creation tool, and win10 installed great the first time. This is really important. When win10 installs and JAWS comes back talking, it is good to uninstall JAWS and reinstall JAWS. If you do this, even upgrading from win 8 or 8.1, you will get much better results from JAWS from then on out. Please email me if you have any questions. It is easy, and once win10 is on your computer, I can really help you get everything adjusted so you have the best experience using win10. You will love it and never want to go back. I will be thinking about you as you upgrade. Email me as soon as you have any questions. Take care, David Moore.



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Now I have Win8, Jaws 14. Can I upgrade to Jaws 17 and then install Windows 10 myself or do I need sighted help? Is it ok to install Jaws first?








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