Re: saving emials on to a flash drive with Jaws?

Aidan Maher <aidan.smarttalk@...>

Ok, in that case its easy. You must go to folder options in computer
or control panel and make sure that the option is check to show hidden
files and folders, and there is a box that says something like show
system folders, or content of system folders or something like that,
check those and press enter. Then you must brouze your c drive to the
application data folder and as you go down the structure you will find
funny names with brazes in them, but inside that you will get an
outlook express folder. When you open that it will have files in there
like "inbox.dbx, outbox.dbx," and so on. Then backspace out again and
copy that hole outlook express folder and paste that in your flash
drive, and then also, you can go to the tools menu in outlook, and
then to the acount option, from there go to export, or if not there,
first propperties and then export, con't remember but its there, so
that you can export your acount settings as wel in a single file, note
just that if you plan to go to windows7 this won't be necessary. This
is only going to help if you go back to express on a newly formatted
instal, unless if you use another email client wich will allow you to
import messages and settings from outlook express.

On 15/12/2012, Lauren <lotusrising@...> wrote:
Outlook Express.


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Ok, wich email client are you using?

On 15/12/2012, Lauren <lotusrising@...> wrote:

Before I junk this dying PC, there are many email messages I would like
save on my flash drive. How do I do this? Now I have Jaws 12 & XP; later
today hopefully, Win 8 & Jaws 14.



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