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Aidan Maher <aidan.smarttalk@...>

Well, we only have this week and if they con't do it, then I guess it
will be early January. That is how slow and bad things are in our

On 13/12/2012, emma goodwin <emma.sleeptalk@...> wrote:
I am still waiting for my dealer in South Africa to send out our dvd's
but hopefully they will come in the next few weeks.

On 12/13/12, Farfar Carlson <dgcarlson@...> wrote:
Then that means you're not going to install it at all?

Dave Carlson
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On Dec 12, 2012, at 15:02, "Cy Selfridge" <cyselfridge@...>

Yes, I got mine and when I think 14 is fairly stable I will install it.

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I'm still using jaws 13 but is freedom sending out a cd for jaws 14 to
who have purchased an sma?

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Hi All,

Below are the direct download links & installation instructions for this
latest update, J14.0.1037.

JAWS requires that you restart your computer during the installation
process. To avoid problems, always download the JAWS release to your
computer first instead of running the executable from the Windows
dialog box. The following briefly describes how to download and install a
JAWS release.

list of 3 items
1. Select the appropriate domestic or international JAWS download link
appears on this page.
2. When the dialog box opens, choose Save and select a location where you
can easily find the downloaded executable file.
3. Run the executable and follow the talking installer.
list end

32 Bit Systems:

64 Bit Systems:

Hope this helps.
Take care.
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