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The latest version of avast is not accessible.

On 12/10/2012 2:16 PM, emma goodwin wrote:
Well maybe you can try avast anti virus software if microsoft
essentials gives you trouble. I never had any problems with essentials
but the only thing was it didn't allow defender to work but when I
started to yuse avast then defender could also work. AVG has become
quite accessible. I don't see how it could be Jaws but I'm not sure
but maybe if you uninstall and reinstall it or use another antivirus
program, that might clear up the problem. Sorry i can't be more of

On 12/10/12, Lisle, Ted (CHFS DMS) <Ted.Lisle@...> wrote:
It disabled my keyboard; it was as dead as a hammer, as if the batteries
were gone. A sighted friend had to mouse me over to add-remove software.
Once we did a clean shutdown, everything came back. I'm not saying this was
a JAWS phenomenon, but it really shut me down.


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Hi Ted,
What do you mean by played the dickens with? What after effects did you

Thanks much,


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