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Nickus de Vos <bigboy529@...>

I personally use the cube and love it. It was previously qwitter but
the guy who developed it stopped working on it so now it's basically
the same app just called the cube. Nice thing about it is that it
constantly runs in the backround and at any time without having to
open or switch to the app, you can just browse through tweets, send
new tweets etc by using the shortcut keys from where ever you are in
your windows OS.

On 12/10/12, Jean Menzies <> wrote:
Thanks Stephanie,

Most helpful. I appreciate the recommendations and am getting the hang of
Twitter now.
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If you want the web client I think it's now. If you want
an application for windows I've heard that tween is pretty good. a lot
of my friends use it. The qube or twitmonger apps are great too. (I've
used both. On my Iphone I have tweetlist, and twitterrific, and the
official twitter app) I haven't used the twitter app in a while, but
tweetlist and twitterrific work great.

On 12/9/12, Russell Solowoniuk <> wrote:
Hi Jean,

I just tried Twitter on my iPhone, because, as I said, I don't use it a
and wanted to verify that it is accessible. I was able to read tweets,
reply to tweets, and post a new tweet without too much trouble. I am
able to browse by category and follow people I find that look
Along the bottom of the Twitter window you'll find a number of tabs that
allow you to look just at your own tweets, browse for new people to
go to your "Home" page, etc. Just touch at the bottom of the screen, and
then swipe left or right to navigate the various tabs.

Which iPhone do you have? I have an iPhone 4S running IOS 6.

I'd better end this thread now before George asks what all this has to do
with Jaws! LOL

Sent from my iMac running Mountain Lion!

On 2012-12-09, at 4:17 PM, Jean Menzies <> wrote:

Thanks Russell

I will check out the accessible site as well. I'm not good at memorizing
tons of keystroke commands for a program I may only use occasionally.
my only beef with The Qube so far. Thanks for recommending the native
Twitter client on the iPhone. I had heard that it wasn't very easy to

but that may have changed. I'm still just trying to get my hear around

whole Twitter thing, so thanks for your tips.

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Hi Jean,

I used Twitter a lot a few years ago, but, not so much lately. When I

use it, I usually access it through a program called Syrinx on my iMac.

On Windows, with Jaws, I use the accessible twitter site at...

When you sign into your Twitter account on the accessible twitter site,
will be asked to allow Easy Chirp to access your Twitter account.
allow this, and you'll be set to go.

If memory serves, the main Twitter site wasn't all that bad with Jaws

On my iPhone I use "Twitter", which, I think is integrated into IOS 6.

Hope this helps.

Sent from my iMac running Mountain Lion!

On 2012-12-09, at 12:53 PM, Jean Menzies <> wrote:

I've decided to venture into the world of Twitter. I've read the help
pages at
and have learned enough to get started. My question is what is the best
accessible interface to use with Jaws 13? Is the site itself accessible
for the account account and twitter posts, or is a third party app

Also, for those using iPhones, what is a good app nowadays that works
with voiceover?

Thanks for any tips getting started.


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