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emma goodwin <emma.sleeptalk@...>

You can also try dvd burn if you want and you can use it for a whole
variety of things. Good luck. I just use express burn free but I know
Aidan is very fond about burnaware free. I hope you manage.

On 12/10/12, Farfar Carlson <> wrote:
I've found Express Burn from NCH to be a very good and accessible
application. To get full functionality you will need to purchase the paid
version, which I think is around $40. You can burn anything, including
BlueRay with this paid version.

Dave Carlson
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I am new to the list and I have a question.

Is there an accessible program for burning cds?

Roxio doesn't seem to work and windows media player is a real pane. (that
if you can find what you are looking for)



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