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Adrian Spratt

Spence and Dave,

Using insert-control-g is a great tip for navigating and other
websites. I just experimented with it. I have been navigating Audible by
pressing g, but this is much more efficient.

This subject gets even more curious. I speculated that creation of a
graphics list in IE might be an accidental byproduct of the way the command
works, but that isn't the case. It doesn't even try to automatically label

As another experiment, I pressed insert-g (activates graphics labeler) on
some of the graphics in the list, and JAWS didn't respond at all. Then I
escaped out of the list and used the search command to land back on a
graphic. JAWS announced focus wasn't on a graphic, even though I confirmed
it was.

I have long been stymied by the graphics labeler, and my perplexity only

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Hi Dave:

I see your confusion. In Default.JKM, ctrl+insert+G is auto select graphics;
I see that now. Whatever auto label graphics is... But if you're in IE, and
you're on a webpage with graphics, CTRL+INSERT+G pulls up a list of graphics
you can surf to on the page, just like INSERT+F5, F6 and F7 do for forms,
links, headings, etc. and just like CTRL+INSERT+Z, X, R pull up lists of
divisions, checkboxes, radio buttons. I can't find any of these keystrokes
in any of the .JKMs.

Might've caused confusion by calling it Select A Graphic, but that's the
title of the list box that's pulled up with CTRL+INSERT+G.

So just to be ultra clear, in IE, CTRL+INSERT+G creates a list box of all
the available graphic links on the page. And I'd like to be able to re-task
that to something else. But it, along with its brethren, CTRL+INSERT+Z, X,
R, Q, C, P, and O, aren't in default.jkm, or Internet-explorer.jkm, at least
not that I can see. I checked the other logical .JKMs too and I didn't see
them. But they have to be somewhere!


On Mon, 8 Aug 2011, Farfar on Laptop wrote:


Now after reading your original inquiry, I admit I'm stumped. In one part
you are asking about the keyboard manager and finding the Insert+Ctrl+G
keystroke for the purpose of changing it.

That keystroke is "Auto Label Graphics" -- not select graphic.

Then you ask about navigation keys in Internet Explorer and why the
keystroke to select graphics must be so difficult.

Well in Internet Explorer the keystroke to select a graphic on a web page is
simply G. Perhaps you already know that.

There is no keystroke that I'm aware of like forms list, links, list, or
headings list to list all graphics on a web page.

Don't know how this relates to Insert+Ctrl+G, and perhaps you can illuminate
us on that point?

Dave Carlson From my Dell Latitude 630, currently not nearly close enough
for my comfort to my Audio Recording and Mixing Studios, San Francisco Bay
Area. But I'll try to remedy that situation.

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I've been searching high and low for where, in Keyboard Manager, one changes
Select A Graphic from the carpal-tunnel-inducing ctrl+insert+G -- at least
on my keyboard anyway -- to something more reasonable. Select a Link/Form
Field/Frame/Heading etc. are there under IE, but no Select a Graphic. Can
anyone save my poor wrist by pointing me in the right direction?

Apologies if this isn't a list for such questions.


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