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Hi Dave,

I'm a bit behind on my email, so apologies for the late response! No, I'm not speaking from personal experience... I've never tried Windows 8, but, when I listened to the Freedom Scientific podcast on Jaws 14, I think they mentioned that one needed Jaws 14 in order to be able to use Windows 8. I also read others on this list saying the same thing.

I'm just about in the market for a new laptop or netbook, so may soon be using Windows 8.


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That's not at all surprising. I presume it's from personal experience?

Windows 8 wasn't available for testing when JAWS 12 was in construction and
revisions I suspect.

Dave Carlson
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Jaws 12 will not work with Windows 8.


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Good morning list:

I will be updating to Windows 8, but am tired of trying to work with the
ribbons in Office 2007. Will MS Office XP work on Windows 8 using Jaws

Thanks in advance.

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