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Wel, I don't no that program you mention there, so I con't comment,
but keep in mind if you dual boot, then you have to be aware that you
might have to select between wich one to boot from and the boot menu
won't talk, if you not comfortable with these things maybe you should
instal windows vurtually with a program such as VMWare fusion wich I
think you can search for on the mac app store, I don't think its free
but I didn't use that yest as I don't have a mac yet. But if you run
it that way, if something goes rong, you simply remove the vurtual
machine and start over. Its also the only way to get speech dearing

On 08/12/2012, Dale Reardon <dale@...> wrote:

I know it is possible to run Windows using a program called Parallels on
Mac - my wife has it working on her Imac - she is sighted though so doesn't
have to worry about Jaws.

What is the best way to set things up in order to be able to use
Jaws/Windows on a Macbook Pro? Should I use Parallels or best to setup a
dual boot system?

If best to go dual boot what is the software to set that up?

It would be Windows 7 64 bit that would be setting up and I'm licensed for



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