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Hello from Austin,
I'm authorized to download JFW 14, but its not working. Perhaps I should wait, but FS tech support told me that I lack service pack two, and that's preventing 14 to latch onto something it needs to work properly. Should I try to get service pack two and try JFW 14 again or wait until the bugs are fixed?
Malcolm Graham, BJ, M.ED

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Have just found where the video intercept manager hangs out in the utilities
menu but is saying unavailable.

Why would this be? Any ideas how to fix this because Jaws 14 is just not
reading things properly.

When go back to Jaws13 it will read things though.


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I have just uninstalled the hotfix and gone back to:


However it is playing up with the virtual cursor and IE9 and Outlook 2010.

It just says blank page in IE and won't read emails either.

Has perhaps the video intercept got corrupted but I can't find where you fix
that? Where do I go?

I am on a Windows 7 64 bit machine.


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