Re: Latest jaws upgrade and links

Allen Stutts <astutts@...>

I'm having the same problem on my desktop PC. You can access the links after you hit Insert + F7 by hitting the refresh, Insert + Escape.

I have reported this bug to FS, but I encourage you to do the same. They take a closer and quicker look when an issue is being reported from different users.


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I tried restarting jaws and restarting the computer. Neither one worked.

On Fri, 7 Dec 2012, Nguyen Van Dung wrote:

Some time I got same problem with Jaws 13. In that case, I had to restart
Jaws and it worked.
Anyone has a solution?
Dung Nguyen.

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The links list does not come up when you press insert-f7.
Also, the jaws menu does not speak as you arrow down through it. You have
to read current line on each choice.

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