Re: router installation with Jaws?

Richard Holloway

Before getting too involved with configuration issues and such, range concerns may be pointing to issues with router placement or a signal conflict with other nearby wifi routers or even other equipment on the same frequencies, like wireless phones or anything else operating in the same frequency range.

The default is probably for the router to auto-select the channel (frequency) of the wifi station, but if there are enough conflicts, there could be no clear space in the radio spectrum for your anticipated range. As soon as your wifi device sees another wifi signal that is nearly as strong as your wifi router (on the same frequency), it will generally stop working.

Before I did anything with the router settings, I would restart all equipment-- everything including your router, your cable modem (etc.) as well as all computers, the Apex, iPhone and so forth. Restart, as in a true restart or shutdown and cold boot. Sleep and wake won't do it. Some of these problems could be ip conflicts which a restart could resolve. (The restart will cause new addresses to be issued. After that, I might move the wireless router, if possible, and observe any change.

There are so many possible causes, it would be a shame to fight for JAWS access to modify your settings if the router itself is not even the problem.

The other thing to be certain of is that you know how to do a factory reset on the unit before you change much so you know how to start over. That, and be aware that if you start updating firmware and something goes amiss, you can actually "brick" your device-- make it into nothing more than a brick to sit on the desk, if you have a malfunction, power failure, or otherwise interrupt the update before it is complete. (Even a factory reset doesn't reset or clear firmware upgrades.)

Good luck!

On Dec 7, 2012, at 10:18 AM, Crystal French wrote:

I have never installed a router, but always had someone sighted to do that.
The router I am now using with my windows7 computer seems to have issues. The range doesn’t seem very good and trying to connect with my Braille Note Apex, or iPhone, etc. gets random results.
I had a D link router prior to this one.
I am using Jaws 13, and wondering if installation might be a problem.
If anyone has suggestions, it would be appreciated. Otherwise, I’ll probably just have to pay someone to do it.
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