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Unfortunately there are so many versions of everything and so many levels of expertise that it is almost imposible to cover everything.
Even though persons are running what appears to be the same versions of jaws and operating system they seem to act differently, probably because of other things running on the computer or as Eric pointed out that people don't keep current with patches and updates on their operating systems.
So if you have people running XP it doesn't mean that they are on the same service pack version. It all has an impact.
I have installed the update, deleted some stuff out of my personal folder and things appear to be running just fine.
Tom Bisset

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Reading all these messages makes me nervous about installing JAWS 14.
Doesn't Freedom Scientific have any sort of quality control so previous parts of the program, which work properly, are retained and the "hot fix"
doesn't mess up something else? I also thought that beta testing was done to find problems with the program, before release. If this is done, then why is a hot fix needed so soon after the release of JAWS 14?

I've been a JAWS user for at least 15 years and probably won't change now.
But, I can understand why others are abandoning ship for other options. We pay a premium price for JAWS, but the money is apparently not going to development and quality control.
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