Re: Issue with JFW 13 and IE 8.

Jimmy Jones

I have also ran into this problem with JAWS 13. Its usually some sort of
message asking if I am sure I want to leave the web page. Nothing I do with
the keyboard seems to effect this window. However, a simple click of the
mouse and I am ready to go. Speech returns and JAWS acts like nothing has
happened. It is curious.


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Mike, having used jaws 13 and Windows 7 and i.e. 8 for a good year, I've not
come across this one. I'm not saying it doesn't happen to you, just that I
haven't seen it.

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Hello folks! I'm having an issue on my work computer. I use windows 7,
along with Jaws 13 and at least once a day, IE encounters a problem, and
wants to close the particular web-page that I am on. When this happens,
JAWS stops speaking. I have to utilize sighted assistance to click the
message. Once that happens, JAWS works right again. Left to my own
devices, if this error occurs, I have to do a hard reboot of my computer
system. I hate doing this, because I'd rather shut the computer down
properly. Any suggestions? I know it is a rather odd problem. One that I
do not encounter on my home computer.
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