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Aidan Maher <aidan.smarttalk@...>

Wel the thing is that the copy of the previous version should be on
the pc wile you instal 14, and you must choose to leave shaired
components dearing instal. I hope it can be fixed, as freedom like to
choose wich bugs to fix and wich not. From the downloads page, select
jaws, and from there, select the archives, then you can get to 13 and

On 07/12/2012, emma goodwin <> wrote:
This makes me nervousabout updating. I am still using Jaws 13 and
downloaded 14 but because of all of these bugs and problems, I'm very
hesitant to install it. I agree that we must keep a copy of previous
versions on our computer and I might go over to Jaws 14 in a few
months but right now all these issues are keeping me back. I am using
win7 32 bit but there are more people experiencing issues then those
that arn't.

On 12/7/12, Brian and Denise Albriton <> wrote:
I'll do a system restore and wait a couple.

On Thu, 6 Dec 2012, Adrian Spratt wrote:

This won't help now, but it's a good idea to save each release of JAWS
you install in case the one after causes new problems.

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I have just installed (wish I hadn't) the latest Jaws update.

Now it won't read when I alt tab on the computer and tell me which
I'm going between.

Can this be fixed? Is there a new setting somewhere?

Alternatively do you know where the download is of the previous jaws
version? I can't find the previous version on the FS website.


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