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emma goodwin <emma.sleeptalk@...>

This makes me nervousabout updating. I am still using Jaws 13 and
downloaded 14 but because of all of these bugs and problems, I'm very
hesitant to install it. I agree that we must keep a copy of previous
versions on our computer and I might go over to Jaws 14 in a few
months but right now all these issues are keeping me back. I am using
win7 32 bit but there are more people experiencing issues then those
that arn't.

On 12/7/12, Brian and Denise Albriton <> wrote:
I'll do a system restore and wait a couple.

On Thu, 6 Dec 2012, Adrian Spratt wrote:

This won't help now, but it's a good idea to save each release of JAWS
you install in case the one after causes new problems.

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I have just installed (wish I hadn't) the latest Jaws update.

Now it won't read when I alt tab on the computer and tell me which
I'm going between.

Can this be fixed? Is there a new setting somewhere?

Alternatively do you know where the download is of the previous jaws
version? I can't find the previous version on the FS website.


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