USB Soundcard, Jaws Not Working After Starting PC

Mike B. <mb69mach1@...>

Hi All,

I have Jaws assigned to a USB soundcard & SoundBlaster is my default for all
other sounds. When I start my computer in the morning or reboot the
computer during the day for whatever reason, when the computer starts Jaws
is no longer assigned to the USB soundcard, it comes through the
SoundBlaster soundcard. Each soundcard runs through its own set of
speakers. I have to go into the Jaws context menu / Utilities / Soundcard
sub-menues, & press enter on the USB soundcard option to reassign Jaws to
that soundcard. How do I keep Jaws assigned to use the USB soundcard so I
don't have to reassign it every time I start / reboot the computer? I'm
running XP Home & Jaws 13 on this computer. All help will be greatly
appreciated. Thank you very much for any & all help.

Take care.
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