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Adrian Spratt

An excellent tutorial on making adjustments to keyboard layouts, Dave.
However, I understood Spencer to be saying that he couldn't find this key
combo in the list.

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There are some key combinations that I would swear were written for someone
with the dexterity of a spider monkey, but Inster+Ctrl+G is not one of them.

However if you do want to modify this key combination, Insert+F2, then k and

Enter to launch the keyboard manager. Then Ctrl+Shift+D (Sorry about that,
ouch!) and you should point to default. Tab to the next pane and arrow
up/down (no pain, there) and look for the offending keystroke.

Alternative to using the arrow keys, you could Press Ctrl+F (easy one,
that) and then press Insert+Ctrl+G (ouch, again) to search for that key

Interestingly enough I find that if I'm using a USB keyboard on my laptop
(and therefore using the laptop layout, several of the standard keystrokes
using the Insert on the NumPad are not recognized. I have to use the 6-pack
insert key or the CapsLock version of insert to get the keystroke to be

And if you're into first-letter navigation, as am I, then when you are in
the list of key combinations, just press G to find things related to
graphics. Of course, you're looking for Auto-Label Graphics, so use the
letter "A".

Once you've found the one you want to change, then press Ctrl+H to open the
change dialog, tab to the "assign to" field and press your new key
combination of choice. Then tab to OK, press Enter, and ignore the warning
of overwriting another keystroke -- Since you're confidently not using any
other keystroke that's already defined, correct?

Good luck. Oh, and bear in mind that if you install a new version of JAWS
and overwrite your default.jkm file in your user settings, all this work
will be lost. So keep those custom files copied to a safe location.

Dave Carlson
From my Dell Latitude 630, currently not nearly close enough for my comfort
to my Audio Recording and Mixing Studios, San Francisco Bay Area. But I'll
try to remedy that situation.

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I've been searching high and low for where, in Keyboard Manager, one
changes Select A Graphic from the carpal-tunnel-inducing ctrl+insert+G -- at
least on my keyboard anyway -- to something more reasonable. Select a
Link/Form Field/Frame/Heading etc. are there under IE, but no Select a
Graphic. Can anyone save my poor wrist by pointing me in the right

Apologies if this isn't a list for such questions.


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