Chrome V23 and IE 9


Hi everyone,
I'm currently having an issue with Jaws 14. Note that this wasn't present with Jaws 12. I upgraded to version 14 a few days ago. I wasn't having any issues with JAWS 12. However, now it seems like JAWS only reads the previous web page even if I'm already on a different page. Sometimes I read an article, and when I'm done, I open another page. However, JAWS still reads the previous page even though I'm not on that page anymore. It also happens when I'm on YouTube. I play a video, when the video is over, I play another video, but JAWS is still reading information from the previous video. It's really getting annoying specially when I'm doing research for college. If you guys have an idea of how to fix this, please shoot me a message. Thanks,

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