Re: Accessing OCR Function In Jaws 13 for Scanned Image PDF Files

Gary King

First of all, if your Kurzweil 1000 is installed, I would try opening a PDF file with it since you will get better results than with the OCR in JAWS. A scanner is not required for Kurzweil 1000 to process PDF documents.

If you want to try the OCR in JAWS on one of your documents, bring up the document in whatever program you're using, Adobe Reader, I suppose, then Press Insert Spacebar, then press O for OCR followed by w to OCR the window. You'll hear OCR started, Finished, JAWS Cursor. You'll be in JAWS Cursor Mode and will be able to read the results of the OCR with the JAWS Cursor. The OCR in JAWS only reads the text that is on the screen, so if your document is larger than that, then you won't get all of it with one go. The Help suggests that you make sure the window containing the document is maximized. so that you get the maximum amount of text. To hear all of the OCR commands, press Insert Spacebar, then o followed by a Question Mark.

Gary King

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Subject: Accessing OCR Function In Jaws 13 for Scanned Image PDF Files

Hi, all.

At work, I am getting increasing numbers of scanned image PDF files.

I have the K1000 software from Kurzweil, but still need to get a scanner to interface with that program.

In the meantime, can someone give me a quick summary of the key commands that are used to do the OCR recognition via Jaws 13 in Windows 7, at least for the time being?

I consulted the help file in Jaws 13, but got what seemed to be confusing instructions.

The help file said to use the insert key, plus the space bar and the letter S to start the reading, but I could never get it to work. Perhaps I'm doing the key conbination incorrectly.

Again, I'm using Jaws 13, with Windows 7.

Any help would be appreciated.

Dr. Tom Behler from Michigan

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