Re: A shoftcut key to rename a worksheet in MS Excel 2007

George B

here is the jaws help pasted below read it and you can get this same info
while in a workbook by doing jaws key and f1

Set Quick Settings Insert+V
Say a list of some common Excel shortcuts Insert+W
Say the coordinates of the current cell Insert+C
Say a cell's formula JAWSKEY+Control+F2
Present the cell's formula in a message box JAWSKEY+Control+F2 twice
Review selected cells JAWSKey+Shift+A
Say the row title JAWSKey+Alt+Shift+R
Say the column title JAWSKey+Alt+Shift+C
Say the row total Insert+Delete
Say the column total Insert+Enter
Set the Row Titles Range JAWSKey+Control+Alt+r
Set the Column Titles Range JAWSKey+Control+Alt+c
Set up to 10 monitor cells for the current worksheet JAWSKey+Shift+1
through 0 on the number row
Say any of the ten monitor cells for this sheet Alt+Shift+1 through 0 on
the number row
Move to a monitor cell control+shift+m
Return to the last cell which had focus before moving to a monitor Cell
Move to the prior or next worksheet control+page up or control+page down
Move to a particular worksheet Control+Shift+S
Manage worksheets, such as changing the current sheet name Shift+JAWSKey+S
List cells with comments visible in the active window
Say a cell's comment if visible Alt+Shift+Apostrophe
List cells with formulas Insert+Shift+f
List cells with data visible in the active window Control+Shift+D
List cells with data in the current row Insert+Shift+R
List cells with data in the current column Insert+Shift+C
List cells at horizontal and vertical PageBreaks Control+Shift+B
Select an object on the worksheet Control+Shift+O
Show the content of a textbox on the worksheet CONTROL+Shift+t
Select the active chart on the current workshsheet Insert+ALT+c
Display the active selected chart in the virtual viewer Control+Insert+c.
Select a hyperlink on the worksheet Insert+F7
Say the hyperlink address for a cell containing a hyperlink Alt+Shift+H
Describe the border of the active cell alt+Shift+B
Announce the coordinates of the range of cells visible in the active window
Say the status of gridlines in the active window Alt+Shift+G
Show the context of a textbox object CONTROL+Shift+t
Set a Cell Maarker Windows+JAWSKey+k
Return to Cell Marker in current sheet Alt+Windows+k
Return to next available Cell Marker in a subsequent sheet
Return to previous available Cell Marker in a prior sheet
List Cell Markers CONTROL+ALT+Windows+k
Select Prior worksheet CONTROL+SHIFT+PageUp
Select next worksheet CONTROL+SHIFT+PageDown

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I'm using MS Excel 2007. When I create a new workbook, there are 3
worksheets on my workbook as by default: sheet1, sheet2, sheet3

Is there any shortcut key to go to those sheets place, then I can
change color, or their properties?

Appreciated any help.

Dung Nguyen.

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