Re: IE8 and IE9 crashing with Jaws 12

Lisle, Ted (CHFS DMS)

You're not far wrong. Some performance issues are directly attributable
to the presence of older OS's, bad news for those of us who don't' wish
to change. Sorry, but I liked it better when upgrading was relatively
inexpensive, nondestructive, and, if necessary, reversible.

I couldn't even get JAWS 12 to authorize--a huge strike against it. I
think it was suggested that I remove my present authorization. I
deferred, figuring I might wind up with a system in permanent demo mode.


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Hi Crystal.

I can only report that Jaws 12 seems to work fine here. I have 11
around just in case, but at least with the latest version of 12,
things appear to be working well.

That's on a new system running Windows 7 64-bit. Maybe JFW 12
throws a fit if it's on an older machine with Vista or XP? I don't

Chris, also hot here in Ontario Canada. 90 plus humidity that is -
probably not as hot as it is in Texas.

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