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Charles Coe

You should be able to determine how many SMA updates are available by going
to help and clicking on about JAWS.

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Hi everyone,
I'm just wondering if I need to renew my SMA if I recently updated JAWS to
version 14. Also, how much do you have to pay FS for the penalty?
On 12/3/2012 12:42 PM, Tony Schnurr wrote:

When you receive the letter; the deadline will be posted in that letter.
Since I receive my SMA every other year; I will not have one this year
to verify your question. However, The deadline has always been by 31



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Cheers: Have those of you whose SMA expired with JAWS 14 received a
SMA renewal letter yet?
If so, what is the deadline for renewal without a pricing penalty?
Thank you, Mitch

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