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What about Word or Excel? I use these every day.


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Hi Lorin
If you have the choice, I would go with the Mac system. Upgrades and
software are cheap. And once you buy an application, you get the upgrades
with no cost. The last operating system upgrade cost $29. Many totally
blind do well with Voice over, the Mac screen reader. But a more powerful
screen reader is available for the Mac for $250.
For an exttra $100. you can get all the one on one training you want in one
hour sessions for a year.
In our area the training is good, but I saw emails where the training is not
Once you learn it, you will save money, and the hardware seems to be very

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Would Jaws 12 or 13 work with Windows 7 and has anyone used Windows 8 with
Jaws 14?

I have to buy a new laptop and wonder which OS I should buy or switch to an
Apple where I don't have to shell out money for upgrades of software like
Jaws, but can't afford any less accessibility as I am totally blind.

Any advice please, I'd be grateful. Thanks.


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