Re: how much memory do you need for Jaws 14?


What kind of OS & Jaws were you running?



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God save me from Essentials! I know many folks here swear by it, but my experience with it was totally negative.

The first indicator of trouble came when I couldn't read the license. The darn thing wouldn't update. Finally when I rebooted to get a fresh start, my keyboard went dead. The driver either didn't load or was nullified. My neighbor an I had to mouse our way over to Control Panel, uninstall that turkey, ten shut down, whereupon full functionality was restored. It didn't like my machine even a little bit!


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On windows 8, it already has essentials so you don't actually need a virus program as its already there.

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Thanks to all for your advice so far. One other question if I am going
to use Windows 8 & Jaws 14, would a not expandable 8GB RAM be enough
to run both well & antivirus? BTW, which antivirus is most Jaws friendly?



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