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David <davidwhitehead1957@...>

Hello there;

Here is how to turn Off Autocomplete in Internet Explorer

1. Go to the tools menu in internet explorer.

2. Select internet options there.

3. Now select content tab.
You need to shift+tab=general, now right arrow until you hear, content tab.

4. In the auto complete hit the settings button.Also clear all AutoComplete
history .
So you now tab and enter on, auto complete settings

5. To turn off autocomplete uncheck all options, including "names and
passwords on forms.

6. Click ok.

You are done and have successfully turned off autocomplete in Internet

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Hi Gezim,
you asked how to switch off autocomplete mode when typing in the edit field.
Which edit field do you mean? Is it any edit box in a web page?
original message:
Hi David,

And is there a way how to turn off autocomplete mode when typing in the edit



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