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Gerald Levy

Thanks for this information. Exactly what is the ppurpose of Java Run Time Environment? Is it really needed for anything?


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I find that JAWS's performance is affected by Java. While in add/remove
programs, I happened to check if Java was up to date on my system. It is,
but in the process of confirming, I discovered I had an old version that the
Java website said might be impeding my PC's performance and compromising
security. The only Java application that should show up in add/remove
programs on XP is version 7. I also had version 6. The website specifically
recommends deleting Java Run time environment, which I'd done some time ago.
Now that I've removed Java 6, I've noticed an improvement in my PC's

The following link takes you to the Java page that enables you to determine
both if your system is up to date, for whichever operating system you have,
and if your computer has any old versions. Once on that page, press h once
to locate the section you need.

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