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When in the windows explorer, press insurt+V or if you are using a
laptop, you can also press kapslock+V. if you are using jaws13 or
later, you will get something like "quick settings-explorer from".
type in "graphic" without the quotes and press downarrow key. then
press spacebar to toggle between various choices. there you will have
graphics-labelled, , nun or all. select labelled or or nun. in both
the cases jaws won't announce "graphic" once you hit enter on your
preffered choice. if you are using jaws12 or prior, just press
insurt+V or kapslock+V and type first 2 letters of the word graphics,
and then follow the steps written above.

hope this helps.

On 12/2/12, Nguyen Van Dung <> wrote:

I use Windows Explorer to travel files and folders. Sometimes, when I
an item (by using arrow key), Jaws speaks: "Graphics+ number + graphic +
number + item name."

The number in Jaws spoken sentence may be item label size. ( I guess so).

In this case, it is difficult to hear item name exactly , so I don't like
hear it. I'd like to hear only item name.

Anyone has a solution for this situation?

Thank you.

Dung Nguyen.

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