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Just what I thought.

Dave Carlson
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Good Day George: If you have the option for Jaws turned on you can hear
Jaws say no focus. After you hear that spoken Jaws goes quiet. I've had
many different sighted people standing at my side when this happens and they
see no difference in the screen. We even have a scripter that works with
Jaws on a daily basis of which his name is Larry Gasmann. I've work with
this problem in different ways in order to get rid of it. Sometimes the
refresh keys ofJaws will work, or using the esc key sometimes, but neither
of these options work with Jaws 14 in Windows7 and Outlook 10.
Your Friend Dave

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Is this focus thing jaws fault, or the actual programs you are using fault?
Just wunder about that? How do we make sure of that? Quite tricky.

On 30/11/2012, George Marshall <marshall.geoma4@...> wrote:
I have this los of focus each time I enter Outlook 2003.

George R. Marshall

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Subject: JAWS losing focus?

I am not sure how to fix this. When I am in a window say reading the
web, JAWS would lose focus. I have to shift tab twice to get back to
where I was.

Anyone else?


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