Re: JAWS losing focus?

Adrian Spratt

Not tricky at all. If such a problem occurs with JAWS and not otherwise,
probabilities are high that it's JAWS.

A more difficult question is why JAWS acts this way on some systems but not
on others. I do not experience JAWS losing focus as I switch in and out of
Outlook 2003, but many people do. The answers must lie with the video
drivers or other computer-specific hardware or programming. I wish FS were
willing to publish a list of computer parts that work or don't work with
JAWS based on in-house tests and user reports.

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Is this focus thing jaws fault, or the actual programs you are using fault?
Just wunder about that? How do we make sure of that? Quite tricky.

On 30/11/2012, George Marshall <marshall.geoma4@...> wrote:
I have this los of focus each time I enter Outlook 2003.

George R. Marshall

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I am not sure how to fix this. When I am in a window say reading the
web, JAWS would lose focus. I have to shift tab twice to get back to
where I was.

Anyone else?


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