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People also can go to the white stick website. Tom Lawromer has a lot
of listserves that he gives that you can join. Alot of the mac and IOS
lists can be gotten there.

On 11/30/12, Gary King <w4wkz@...> wrote:
I wonder how many of those folks in an Apple store really know how to use
the VoiceOver screen reader well enough to show how well it works with
various applications. Even if you found a knowledgeable person, how long
would you be able to spend working with a Mac in a store environment to get

a good idea of how well a Mac would work for you?

In a Mac versus Windows PC discussion we had on the list a while ago, I
recall that it was the opinion of those folks who had used both platforms
that as long as you did simple tasks like email, Internet, playing a few
tunes, etc, the Mac was quite usable. However, if you wanted to do serious

office work, your productivity would be much better on a Windows-based PC
with JAWS or another commercial screen reader. Microsoft has never made
much effort to write their Office software to be accessible on the Mac
platform, so a Mac user would need to find workable substitutes for Word
Excel, etc.

Anyone planning to go to a Mac should ask lots of questions on the Mac user

groups for the blind and listen to a number of podcasts that have been done

on Mac accessibility. Blind Cool Tech has quite a few of those podcasts
that may be helpful. I don't have the URLs for the user groups, so a little

Google searching may be needed.

Gary King
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As to Mac vs. PC, you should go to your local Apple store, making an
appointment with the Genius Bar to have them sit with you on a couple
and let you try it out. Best way I know of to be sure.

Dave Carlson
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Would Jaws 12 or 13 work with Windows 7 and has anyone used Windows 8
Jaws 14?

I have to buy a new laptop and wonder which OS I should buy or switch to
Apple where I don't have to shell out money for upgrades of software like
Jaws, but can't afford any less accessibility as I am totally blind.

Any advice please, I'd be grateful. Thanks.


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